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We focus on our relationships with the customer, not on the sale. We do not sell at all costs. We would rather lose a customer if we hadn’t won his trust.

We are grateful to our customers for what we get from them – it is more than what we have given them.

We are sensitive and flexible and we strive to adapt to change. We can change the way, but we adhere to the direction. We are not committed to a specific purpose or result, but to our mission and our principles.

We are committed to doing our best in anything we do.

We show creativity, joy and sense of humour in our work.

We value the freedom to choose and to be chosen. We improve in making our choices easily and keep our peace and satisfaction in balance.

We value the satisfaction and positive sensations of our customers. We prefer to ask and receive feedback – We avoid making guesses and interpreting situations.

We are aware and we learn from our past experiences.

We prefer understanding instead of judging.

We invest in our homes and take care the life of our guests there to be better, cleaner, safer, calmer and more inspired.


We do the best we can to make this world a better place. We have the motivation to develop and become better and to treat the people we work and live with, with attention, respect and love.
Our concern is to increase the relations of trust and harmony between people. We believe that this way we get the best combination of material, mental and spiritual reward.
Brief History: We are a small and united team of professionals, who offers its customers real estate services since 2005 – brokerage, consulting and real estate management. Since 2009 we started investing resources in the management of residential properties in Sofia by focusing and specializing in order to offer independent housing to citizens and companies in need of short-term accommodation in Sofia – from one-day stay to a-few-months' stay. The advantages of our accommodation to that of hotels is that we offer accommodation, which is significantly closer to home cosiness and comfort, with more personal attention and with more direct connection with our guests.

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